Panorama Frascenter

We design like dental technicians - that sets us apart!

Digital solutions require expertise down to the last detail! You can't simply turn on the milling machine and expect a finished crown to magically pop out.

Perfect results depend on perfectly coordinated milling techniques, tools and the right high-quality materials. And let's be honest: if their competence is not in design, your employees won't be able to complete the work as fast as you'd like them to.

Many years ago, we switched to digital manufacturing in our production facility in Manila. In the meantime, we are specialised in the 100% production of fixed dental prosthesis on more than 20 milling systems.

The result of thousands of units produced every month is comprehensive, cross-system know-how, which can not only be seen in our cutting expertise, but also in the cutting-edge software used in our design centre. It is also a reassuring thought to know that the designs are made by qualified dental technicians. These professionals know what they are doing.

So after you've finished a hard day's work, you can now easily upload your scan data sets to our site and download the finished designs the next morning as of 8:00 h* for further processing. Our goal is to reliably guarantee this delivery time in Central Europe at the very attractive net price of only 9.90 € per unit. This is less than paying an employee one hour overtime and much more convenient.

By the way: If you are interested in milling services or partial production, please contact us for an individual offer:

*depending on laboratory capacity