In this section, we will post answers to the questions most frequently asked by our users. The section will be continuously updated with your latest questions and our answers. If you should have any questions that have not been answered here, please send them to us at

Short: Because we are colleagues and professionals with extensive experience.

Long: We are dental technicians, colleagues and for many years now, we have been digitally producing many hundreds of units every month, which are also fit to our own dental patients.
This means that we share your demand for quality and are aware of the problems that suboptimal work materials can cause. Our expertise is consequently not based on industrial experience, but on first-hand professional dentistry responsibility.

But we don't take chances, so we have set up some safety checks: Before you can access your account, you send us a "test" dataset. We review this and, when necessary, discuss details like scan parameter with you to create an order profile. Simply said, this stores information like whether you prefer the general fit for crowns to be somewhat wider or narrower.

We process your data sets as if they were our own. With the greatest care and with flawless results that are ready for subsequent processing.

No problem: mistakes due to human error can occur occasionally. If one of our designs should be unusable, we will check to see what happened and deliver a new design at no extra cost.

Depending on which scan system you use, your files will be stored in different folder directories.

Depending on which scan system you use, your files will be stored in different folder directories.

Please inform us of how you scan/which system you use by sending a mail to:

This will help you to quickly and conveniently find your scan data and to convert this folder into a ZIP folder for transfer (upload to

Yes - if you have uploaded all files of a scan project to our server. It might be helpful to watch our tutorial "Export of Model and/or CAD-Data"

We hope that this makes you pay full attention when making your order! Not really: the actual reason is that we are still in the process of updating the order page and in the future the required logic will be applied to the dental marker. If you do send us a configuration that doesn't make any (dental-technical) sense, we will contact you.

At, clients are able to make even very small design orders - for example a single crown for € 9.90. Since this type of order occurs frequently, pre-payment allows us to implement leaner business administration processes - and allows you to take advantage of our consistently attractive prices, which we can offer as a result.

Generally speaking, yes. Please contact us personally to discuss a suitable agreement.
Please note, however, that the processing of your order will be slightly less convenient for you, since the data flow is managed differently.